Changing drinking habits during the World Cup

Although the sun has long set on England’s chances of glory in Brazil - blink and you missed it - fear not, you can still enjoy the World Cup with the classic Brazilian caipirinha. Or if you are still feeling down because England are out of the running, you can wallow with a John Collins.

World cup fever has caused drinking habits to change throughout the world. With all the stress are you really suprised?

Rio, famous for caipirinha

Lager, ale & cider UK sales have increased by an extra 24 million pints, with volume up by 29% compared to the same week in 2013.

It's not just alcohol sales that go sky high during the world cup. Non stop advertising means that sales of energy drinks and branded soft drinks shoot up as well

According to Webloyalty, 94% of people watching the World Cup final will be staying at home. Thankfully, Crimson Mobile Bars understands that it can sometimes be a pain putting on your gladrags to hit the town and that sometimes, it is just not that much fun sitting in a crowded, sweaty bar only to have your view of the television blocked or even worse, the channel changed. Sometimes it just makes sense to stay at home with friends.

But just because you’re at home doesn’t mean your drinks should suffer. Yes, that’s right, we saw you making that rather hair-raising concoction last Friday night!

Luis Suarez Bottle Opener

Luis Suarez Bottle Opener

Invite a few friends round and add our bar hire to the mix for a great night! We offer custom-made drinks, whether you are barmy about beer, wacky about wine or mad about mojitos. You can quiz our mixologists on new drinks to try out and the latest trends all in the comfort of your own home, free from the crowdedness and sweatiness. Ok ok, you can invite the sweaty men if you want!

You could even throw your very own Cocktail Masterclass hosted by one of our master mixologists. Making your own drink and sipping it before the match begins? Now that’s what we call a result!

So, as the World Cup draws to a close, we want to ask you what you will remember this year’s World Cup for? As for us, we are quite taken with this Louis Suarez bottle opener from Finally the man is putting his teeth to good use!

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By Alex Petrou