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5 Unique Cocktail Party Ideas

No matter how many cocktail parties your guests have been to this year you can ensure yours stands out with our unique twists.

Give your party that personal touch by choosing a feature which sets it above the others and makes it an extra-special occasion.

See below for our 5 unusual ideas to impress your guests and liven up your party

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Cocktail Games

Do you know your vodka from your gin – passion fruit from your peach juice?

Easy when in a long drink, but a little trickier when there’s a host of other juices and liqueurs in your glass.

Prepare a few lesser-known cocktails for your guests to taste and then let them guess which ingredients make up the cocktail.

Who can guess the most ingredients correctly? Even the most sophisticated palettes will be surprised at how difficult this can be!

This is a really interactive idea and is ideal for smaller parties and team building events.

Cocktail Making

Have you or your guests ever fancied trying your hand at cocktail making?

This is a great ice-breaker for a smaller number of guests who can try their hand at mixology by making some of the most popular cocktails. Then of course comes the fun bit - the tasting!

A professional mixologist can teach whilst allowing everybody to get hands on experience. Guests will leave confident of recreating their favourite cocktails at home.

Flair bartender

Why not have a Flair Bartender instead of a mixologist for your event? A Flair Bartender will add serious wow factor to your party and entertain your guests with amazing tricks with bottles, glasses and anything else they can get their hands on!

Flair bartenders will need a bit more time and space than a mixologist so it is worth considering if one would be suitable for your party. If you are having a smaller celebration and have plenty of space a flair bartender could be ideal!

Design your own cocktail

What better way to make your special celebration unique than by having your guests design their own cocktails using their favourite ingredients. Here is the chance to experiment with flavours and colours – who knows, you may create the next Cosmopolitan!

Alternatively you could take one of your favourite recipes and tweak it, maybe swapping out one ingredient for another - the possibilities are endless!

Themed cocktails

Does your party or event have a special theme? If so, why not choose cocktails which compliment this theme based on their colour or ingredients?

Your theme could be centred around a colour, country, film – the list in endless. Maybe you’re thinking of a James Bond theme, in which case the martini (shaken or stirred) can be your starring cocktail. Or a Mexican theme – what better cocktail than tequila sunrise or margaritas to set the scene!

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By Alex Petrou