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Caipirinha Recipe

The Caipirinha is a Brazillian specialty served with enthusiasm on the streets and in the bars of Rio.

Made using Brazils homemade specialty Cachaça, caipirinhas are simple to make and full of flavour!



50ml Cachaça

Teaspoon of sugar

Half a fresh lime


Cut the lime into wedges and put into a rocks glass with the sugar. Muddle the lime and sugar together and then add crushed ice and the Cachaça. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

The Sugar

There is debate on the type of sugar to use in a Caipirinha. All have their various merits, finer sugar mixes better, granules have a nice texture and brown sugars add a more complex flavour. Some bars will use simple syrup to really get a consistent mix

Try using different types of sugars until you find the one you like. In ours we usually use a mix of brown and caster to get the best of both worlds.

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